Lessons at any level, every age


I have been teaching since I was in my Master's program. I have taught children as young as 6 to beginners in their sixties. I taught with an inner city outreach in Kansas City to students who had never had a formal lesson and taught privately for more advanced students who went on to pursue music in college. 

Having many years of experience in performance and having reached a very high level of playing for myself, I am confident in my ability to teach students from the beginning to an advanced level. 
For younger students, I would insist that the parents are present and active in the learning process. This is paramount for realizing your child's potential. Playing an instrument, a stringed instrument in particular, is a very meticulous affair. 
If possible, I prefer to teach for an hour at a time. I will likely be spending a lot of time on technique. This is an area in which most are deficient, and will greatly limit the player's expressive capabilities. 
I am demanding and very thorough, but also seek to temper this with encouragement on whatever the student is doing well. There are always things we are improving on as well as lacking in. We must hold ourselves to a very high standard while also realizing that we have come a long way from where we started. 
If a student has the most basic aspects of playing down (e.g. bow hold, left hand position, can play a a very simple melody), I will require at least an hour of daily practice.

Lessons start at $50 per hour, $30 per half-hour.